CDs & Other Media

2018 New art song of the Pacific Rim – Kevin Hanrahan (tenor), Diana Blom (piano). CD Wirr 94, Wirripang Media Pty. Ltd. 19 tracks

2017 New music for multiple keyboards – Wirr. 089 Wirripang Media Pty. Ltd.

2017 Lady Huang’s Album – music for one or two harpsichords – Michael Tsalka and Diana Weston. ‘Lady Huang’s Album’, Diana Blom. 6.39 mins. Wirripang Media Pty. Ltd., Wirr 087.

2017 Celebrating Twenty Years – Melbourne Composers’ League. Earth Tones for toy
piano (2014) 5.24. Antonietta Loffredo. Melbourne Composers League, (no number).

2017 Frank Robinson – ANZAC Everyman. Sydney: Western Sydney University, iBook, ISBN 978-1-74108-422-1

2016 Çanakkale – Gallipoli Songs – ‘Remembrances Four’ by Diana Blom.
Performers – Ayṣe Göknur Shanal (soprano), Patrick Keith (piano). CD. Wirripang Media – Wirr 070

‘… remarkable cycle of four songs of eight minutes duration by a contemporary Australian composer…The texts for ‘Remembrances Four’ were carefully selected from letters and various writings of soldiers on both sides (from ‘The Boys Who Came Home – recollections of Gallipoli’ – Harvey Broadbent, ABC Books, 1990) to form a beautifully balanced drama that is profoundly moving. It brings home the many contradictions and tragic reality of Gallipoli. As Göknur’s diction is perfect and the songs sit largely in the middle and lower register, the impact of these texts is profound…What a sincere tribute to those young men on both sides, and how compassionately sung by Göknur!’ (reviewer Inge Southcott in Loudmouth, June 2, 2017)

2016 War Letters – new music commemorating WW1 – ‘Triptych’ – Halcyon – Alison Morgan, Jenny Duck-Chong, Clive Birch, James Wannan, Kayle Dunstan, Jo Allan, Geoffrey Gartner (conductor). Wirrpang Media – Wirr -74

2015 Songs by Diana Blom – Wirripang Pty. Ltd. Wirr. 075. (Review of the CD – LoudMouth
– Gwen Bennett, July 6, 2016)

2014 Monday 28th April. ABC Classic FM, Classic Breakfast with Emma Ayres. Swoon –
Diana Blom The Blue Ice Cave, Antonietta Loffredo, Wirripang.

2014 2nd June 11.30 am. …earth tones… for toy piano, Risuonanze Festival, Monfalcone,
Italy. Antonietta Loffredo playing. Live Streamed by

2014 Antarctica – new music for toy piano and/or piano – The Blue Ice Cave. CD Wirr 059
Antonietta Loffredo, piano

CD cover Antarctica

2012 Shadows and Silhouettes – The Travelling Chinese Orchestra Wirr 047 Antonietta
Loffredo, piano

S and S cover 300 dpi

2012 Seensound: Visual/Music Series. 1st August 2012, 7.30pm. Loop Back Room, 23
Meyers Place, Melbourne. Noelene Lucas/Diana Blom – ‘After the Rain’.

2011 After the Rain – film by Noelene Lucas, music Diana Blom. Shown at the Bathurst Regional Gallery in January 2011 and acquired for the gallery’s collection.

2011 Ball Games – Basketball, by Diana Blom. Australian Piano Anthology for the 21st Century – Vol. One. Katie Zhukov, piano. CD Wirripang Pty. Ltd. Wirr. 045.

2011 Childhood in Music. Antonietta Loffredo – piano. ‘The Cat’s Meow’ for piano and CD soundbed by Diana Blom and Adrian Barr. Wirripang Pty. Ltd. Wirr 042

CD cover Childhood in Music

2011 Skins – Compositions by Australian Women Composers. Jeanell Carrigan – piano. ‘Tango (September)’ for solo piano by Diana Blom (track 22 – 4.56). CD Wirripang Pty. Ltd. Wirr 038.

2009 Creative Explosion. ‘Genji (the shining prince) and the koto player’ by Diana Blom. James Cuddeford (violin), Zubin Kanga (piano); ‘Haiku 1’ by John Encarnacao. James Cuddeford (violin), Diana Blom (harpsichord). CD Publications by Wirripang Wirr 028.

2008 O Zimbabwe! protest song about the situation in Zimbabwe. CD self-published. Mad CDs.


2008 Music of the Spirit ‘The Whale’s Song’ – Diana Blom (Deborah Coogan cello/reverb, Diana Blom piano), Wirripang Pty. Ltd. Wirr 011

2008 Unfenced. ‘Gong Agong’ – Diana Blom & Emma Stacker. Diana Blom (piano), Emma Stacker (CD soundbed). Australasian Computer Music Association 2008-01.

2009 Creative Explosion. ‘Genji (the shining prince) and the koto player’ by Diana Blom. James Cuddeford (violin), Zubin Kanga (piano); ‘Haiku 1’ by John Encarnacao. James Cuddeford (violin), Diana Blom (harpsichord). Wirripang Pty. Ltd. Wirr 028.

2006 Jo Wha. ‘First Light’ by Stuart Greenbaum; ‘Kumari’ by Ross Edwards – Diana Blom piano. CD Wirr 004, Wirripang Pty. Ltd.

2005 ‘Composing within fixed scales: textual possibilities for student composers’. NSW HSC Online – Charles Sturt University

2001 There came a wind like a bugle – chamber music by Nigel Butterley. Tall Poppies TP142. Track 1 – ‘The White-Throated Warbler’ performed by Ian Shanahan (recorder), Diana Blom (harpsichord).

1999 Creating Ensemble – interactive multimedia package for self-paced learning about ensemble playing. Co-authored and –produced Diana Blom with Peter Petocsz and Lance Eccles. In House Technologies, Petersham, NSW.

1981 Peter Sculthorpe: Piano Music. Sculthorpe’s piano music played by Peter Sculthorpe and Michael Hannan. Move Records – several tracks produced by Diana Blom.

1971 Daisy Bates Four half-hour ‘essays’ for television by James Tulip, produced for ABC-TV by Robert Allnutt; paintings – Gray Smith; singer – Lauris Elms; speaker – Margaret Barr; dancer – Christine Cullen; music written by Diana Blom. Shown from April 23 and next 3 weeks, 1972 (on ABC TV).