New art song of the Pacific Rim – Kevin Hanrahan (tenor), Diana Blom (piano). CD Wirr 94, Wirripang Media Pty. Ltd. 19 tracks. Recorded 26-27 May, 2018, WSU studio. Sound engineer Michael Macken.

Multiple Keyboards – new music for 2-4 pianos/toy pianos. Co-curated with composer, Michael Hannan. Works by Andrián Pertout, Paul Smith, Michael Hannan, Diana Blom, Felicity Martin performed by Antonietta Loffredo, Liam Viney and Anna Grinberg, Michael Hannan, Diana Blom, Jennifer MacRitchie, Paul Smith, Paolo Puentes, Felicity Martin – performance 8th December, 2016, CD recorded and mastered by Michael Macken and released through Wirripang Media Pty. Ltd.

War Letters – musical settings of WW1 war letters – Halcyon performing music by Larry Sitsky, Diana Blom, Elliott Gyger and Nicole Murphy. 7th and 10th November, 2015. CD released through Wirripang Media Pty. Ltd.

Playing with Fire – new music for live acoustic piano and electroacoustics, with Ian Stevenson and Barton Staggs. Pianist Tamara Anna Cislowska playing 10 new works by Australian composers – performance 2014, CD release late 2019.

Antarctica – new music for piano and/or toy piano performed by Italian pianist/toy pianist, Antonietta Loffredo. 11 new works by composers from around the world. First performances in 2013 in Como, Italy, and Sydney, Australia. CD released through Wirripang Pty. Ltd.

2011-2013 Australia East and West – new music for viola and piano. Dawn Bennett (viola), Diana Blom (piano). Works from nine composers. Performances in Perth and Sydney in 2013. CD currently being recorded.

Shadows and Silhouettes  – a musical exchange between Chinese and Australian composers through piano pieces reflecting aspects of each country…read more as Shadows & Silhouettes – information sheet. CD released by Wirripang Pty. Ltd.

Childhood Themes – Italian pianist, Antonietta Loffredo’s project exploring different contemporary music compositional styles in piano pieces on childhood themes written for experienced adult performers or young performers by staff and honours/post-graduate students of University of Western Sydney. Read more in the PDF.